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I would never consider building another home without a Septic Genie

Richard S. from Durango, CO

I Dream of Genie!

In 24 hours, mine had no odor, no color, no muss, no fuss! 10 years with the Septic Genie and all is well, like nothing ever happened…$30,000 repair avoided…amazing device, should be in every septic system from the start. Thanks — I Dream of Genie!

Kurt E.

It worked for me!!

My family of 7 has lived in our country sub home since it was built 14 years ago. I had the septic tanks pumped every 3 years for we are on clay land.

2 years ago our system failed. It happened the weekend before our son’s graduation party. Needless to say it was rather embarrassing, not to mention the health risk (It was like a scene out of the movie “Meet the Parents”)

I found the Septic Genie sight as I searched the Web for info on Septic fields. To be honest, it sounded too good to be true. I called them multiple times, peppering them with questions about their product.

As I saw it, my options were:
Put in a new field at $10,000 – $20,000 + damage to the front lawn and landscaping. Not to mention the problem would more than likely reoccur in 15 years due to the clay soil.
Try the Septic Genie.

I installed the Genie in Feb ’06, and by May ’06 there was a noticeable difference in the yard. The dark green soggy grass areas had disappeared. The smell was gone. Now 1 year later, my yard still looks (and smells) great.

– Scott, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The yard looks like it did 15 years ago when we first bought the house

The Genie is working great. Better than I could have imagined. The yard looks like it did 15 years ago when we first bought the house.

I have been spreading the word to folks in my area whose system may be in trouble.



A dream come true

My experience… in layman terms, is a dream come true. My septic system of twenty-plus years was in complete failure. With all the codes for new septic systems, I was looking at an alternative septic system because my yard was too small to support anything else.

When the installer came and explained how it worked, I felt I had nothing to lose… if it worked then my problem with my septic was over. It did everything they said it would do… my system is acting like a new system, worry-free.

I never thought I would write a letter of how good a product works, but if this helps you in making a decision, just try it. My system started working the moment they put it in. I hope it will work as good on your system as it did on mine. Thanks again for my worry-free septic.

– R. Glazier, Kansas

My Septic Genie Experience

I would like to thank you and your company for helping my wife and myself to resolve a septic problem that could have cost literally thousands of dollars.

Your Septic Genie was shipped from coast to coast in a very short time arriving in Maine from California in less than a week.

When it arrived, I found it to be a very simple and quick installation. I installed it on a Saturday taking a total of 1.5 hours including ditching and backfilling. It would have been quicker but the 90-degree temperature was more than we were used to in May.

The system began working and showed a remarkable difference in the leach field in a very short period of time.

Your system made the difference in the sale of our home and a large difference in the profit we made on that sale. I estimate a savings of approximately $5000.00 compared to replacing our whole leach bed. That is not to mention the time and work that was also saved.

The physical appearance also recovered in far less time than a major excavation could. Again, we would like to thank you for your help in resolving what could have been a serious and very expensive problem.

Septic Genie has Helped Us tremendously

Septic Genie has helped us tremendously. Put in a year or so ago, it has improved our septic set up. At the time of installation, we had foul odor on the property.

After several weeks with the Genie, the smell went away. Count me among satisfied Genie customers. With appreciation,

I believe I have referred two customers to you so far and have responded positively.

I believe I have referred two customers to you so far and have responded positively to the people that you have given my number to. I will continue to preach the benefits of your system. It is a 21st century miracle, that all with septic systems should embrace. Every time I see CLEAR fluid I remain amazed.

This is an excellent product

I was getting water coming to the surface, strong smell – as soon as I installed the Genie the problem was solved exactly as the material on the website had stated. I have not had a problem for over 2 years now.  This is an excellent product.