Works as Advertised

I am now officially one year into the use of my Septic Genie.

To review – Soon after the spring thaw of 2011 I noticed a wet spot in my yard over my leaching field. I contacted my local septic company. They pumped my tank, located my d-box, which was buried 7′ underground, drained the d-box, jetted the field and added risers to bring access to the d-box up to ground level. That cost me more than $2,000 before I was done. They also strongly suggested I add low flow shower heads, change my toilets to low flow, get a high efficiency washing machine and make arrangements so that my water filtration back flush system no longer flowed into my septic tank. I did everything they suggested at considerable additional expense and the wet spot in the yard was back again in the early spring of 2012. This time my septic company came out, looked it over and gave me a quote for more than $20,000 to replace my entire septic system.

It was at this point that I started looking for alternatives and found Septic Genie. After much research and several conversations with you I decided to give it a try. 3 months after installing the system my yard was dry and the level of water present in my d-box (and thus my leaching field) had begun to drop. By the 4 month mark the water in the d-box was down to its lowest possible level. The water level remained at the lowest possible level all through this past winter, which has been the wettest, snowiest winter we’ve had here in many years. I am now one full year into my Septic Genie experience and I could not be happier.

The system has performed above and beyond any realistic expectations I had for it. To date it has been money well spent and I highly recommend the system whenever the conversation turns to septic systems, which is more often than one might think considering over 95% of the residents in my town have one. The product, the customer support and the results have been outstanding. I look forward to years of continued similar results without having to worry about the expense or inconvenience of replacing my entire septic system, which is where I thought I was headed until I decided to give Septic Genie a try.

Feel free to use me as reference for anyone in my area that may be interested in the product.

Thanks again!