Truly does what it claims to do

Amazed. Shocked. Surprised. Satisfied. My husband and I experienced these reactions and more in our experience with The Septic Genie. Just a few years ago, when we called a local company out to pump our septic tank (after our toilets stopped functioning properly), we were given some frightening news: our drain field showed serious signs of failure, which, if reported, would require us to either cap off our tank and have it pumped regularly OR require us to shut down our system and pay for the costly, unsightly fix of a sand mound.

Desperately, we searched online for any alternatives. We didn’t have the money for regular pumping, and we most certainly couldn’t afford a sand mound. We stumbled upon The Septic Genie web site and started watching the videos explaining the product, how it works, and how to install it. Could we believe what we were seeing? Could the answer to our problem be so simple, and relatively inexpensive?

We decided to take a chance and try the product. After all, IF it worked even half as well as shown on the website, it might at least buy us some time with our drain field issues. The product arrived within a few days of our order, and my husband installed it one Saturday afternoon. Installation was fairly simple, and we were truly impressed when my husband called with a few questions and his call was returned almost immediately! When they offered to send someone to help my husband, should he have any difficulties with the install, we started to feel confident that we had purchased a quality product.

The Septic Genie has truly met or exceeded all of the promises shown on its website. Within days of installation, we secured an empty water bottle to a pole and dipped it into our tank to find crystal clear water, no solids, and no odor in our tank. Within weeks, we saw the black spots in our yard fade and eventually disappear. We’ve not had to have our tank pumped since we installed The Septic Genie.

The Septic Genie is one of the few products advertised on television or online which truly does what it claims to do. We regularly recommend it, and will continue to do so. It was 100% worth the investment.

Thank you.