The Septic Genie is an amazing thing

We had been experiencing frequent backups into the house and we were pumping the system at least once every six months.

In the two months before installing the Genie we pumped 4 times at a price of $168 every time.

I purchased the Genie and my son installed it 1 week before the Sturgis rally. We rent our house out for the rally and 4 to 8 extra people here for a 10-day period.

I was very nervous about the septic system being a problem, but needless to say, it worked perfectly.

Every day I would have my husband open the lid on the septic and every day the water was clean and at exactly the same level, no matter how much it was used. We do 4 or 5 loads of laundry in a row now and never worry at all.

The Septic Genie is an amazing thing. I am just waiting for the day when someone tells me they have a septic problem. I know I could tell them how to fix it and why it would work.

Thanks you for curing my septic problems and a very reasonable price.