Sounded too good to be true

I had to write and thank you.

We have been living in our home now for 11 years. When we first moved in our septic system was fine. We have a family of 4 and the system had no trouble handling the load. After about 2 years (pumping each year) we started having problems with water collecting on the surface over the leach field. The worst time of the year was the spring. With all the extra rain we could not even mow the lawn over the leach field.

We tried many different solutions but we could never get the system to the point where we could put the clothes washer drain back into the system. I had resolved myself to the fact we were going to have to finance a new system. We were looking at about $20,000.
When I found your system online I was a little reluctant. My wife and I looked it over but it all sounded too good to be true. We decided that $1400 was better than the alternative.
We installed your system on June 27 2009 and we did not have the washer in the system. We had 1 day with a bad smell in the yard and then it was fine. We checked the system on a weekly basis. The water cleared up pretty quick but the level was still high. After 6 months we were getting a little concerned that maybe this was not going to work. I actually sent an e-mail off to you stating my concern.

After another couple of weeks we notice the level dropping in the tank. We decided to put the washer back into the system. The system continued to improve. By the time January rolled around all things seemed to be working fine but the true test was the spring.

Well the spring came and boy did it come hard. We had the wettest spring on record here in New England and guess what, we had 1 day where the level came up just a little and the next day it was back down. On that day we got 7 inches of rain so I was not surprised. I actually expected worse.

Well I am convinced this problem has been resolved. We are coming up on a year soon and the level where it should be.

Thank you. You have saved us a lot of money and hassles.