My septic tank works better than ever!

I own a beautiful country home that was built in 1974. The septic tank is sturdy and great but like all systems, the lines can get clogged over time. A year ago, I did some remodeling and had to have the tank serviced; they told me my lines were clogged and it wasn’t looking good. The solution they offered was blasting the lines with high pressured water, with a 50% chance that nothing would happen. I quickly got online and did some research. I found Septic Genie. At first I was skeptical but what did I have to lose? New lines cost $25,000 so I decided to go for it. It has been a year now and I have added a one more person to my household, and also a new laundry system. My septic tank works better than ever! When I open the lids, there is no odor and the water looks like tea. How could this be? It really is a miracle and everything the add promised. The cost is minimal to run and definitely comparable to digging and creating new lines. I’m very happy with the system and recommend it to everyone in my neighborhood. I’m not sure why more people don’t have a system like this!! Thank you Septic Genie for saving me a ton of money 🙂