Compare Septic Genie to other Treatment Methods

Treatment Method Creates aerobic environment  Grows thriving colony of powerful aerobic bacteria to digest organic solids (waste from your home and biomat) Safe for the environment, people, pets Extends life of septic system
Septic Genie System Yes, with non-depletable oxygen Yes, the patented Septic Genie Aerobic Bacteria Generator (ABG) is the only septic technology that creates a unique environment rich with non-depletable oxygen where our patented powerful natural bacteria thrives and rapidly multiplies, digesting 90%+ of organic solids in the tank, and clearing the biomat clogging the drain field. Yes Yes
Aerobic Systems Yes, with extremely depletable dissolved oxygen (DO) No Yes Maybe – does nothing to ensure ‘good’ bacteria thrive over long term.
Bacteria or Enzyme Additives No Short term fix.
Due to anaerobic environment, ‘good’ bacteria dies quickly, requires frequent addition of new bacteria. If you stop adding new bacteria, failure will likely reoccur.
Yes  No – can cause premature septic system failure. Enzymes in these products cause more suspended solids in the tank water, solids then pass to the drain field and cause system failure.
Replace drain field No No, short term fix.
Biomat will form again and clog new drain field over time.
Requires disposal of old drain field (contaminated materials) Yes – at a cost of $5,000 to $50,000
Pumping septic tank No No No Short term fix only. Removes solids from tank, but if you make no other changes, they will build up again.

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