Septic Genie Supplies and Replacement Parts

SGTab – Septic Genie Bacteria Tablet

  • We recommend recharging your system once a year by adding an SGTab to maintain a thriving bacteria colony.
  • If you are experiencing any odors or other symptoms, it’s possible that the bacteria colony has been compromised. In this case, you may wish to add 2 SGTabs to rebuild the bacteria colony quickly.

Instructions for use:

  • If possible, drop the SGTab directly in the septic tank. (Step back quickly, it will splash!)
  • If the tank opening is not accessible, crumble the SGTab into the toilet bowl and flush three times to ensure all of the bacteria are washed down into the septic tank.

Price:  $59.95  USD

Shipping & Handling: Free within Continental US; $16.00 in Canada

Replacement Air Pump Filter – add to SGTab order and get free shipping

  • We recommend replacing the filter on your air pump annually to keep it running properly.
  • Please indicate which air pump brand you have – Blue Diamond or Hiblow.

Price:  $5.00  USD

Shipping & Handling: Free when ordered with an SGTab

Air Pump Rebuild Kit

Please indicate which air pump model you have.


  • 2 Diaphragms
  • Mounting Hardware (for diaphragms)
  • 4 Air Valves
  • Mounting Blocks
  • Heads
  • Black Safety Screw
  • Safety Nut for Safety Screw
  • Brand New Filter

Price:  $85.00  USD

Shipping & Handling: Free within Continental US; not available to ship to Canada