Septic Genie Money Back Performance Guarantee

Septic Genie was designed with you, a homeowner, in mind. We wanted to give you a choice that you have not previously had to easily restore your septic system without digging up your yard to replace the drain field.

We stand behind our product and want you to be fully satisfied with it. However, we have to protect ourselves from the few people out there that openly want to abuse our product and take advantage of the way we like to do business, with honesty and integrity.

We provide a money back guarantee after a period of use of one year (365 days). During the 365 days after installation you should see the following improvement to your septic system, provided you keep the system running continuously.

  1. Smells and Odors: these are usually eliminated within 24 to 72 hours of start up. They should never return.
  2. Scum level: Assuming a “normal” scum layer of 3 to 8 inches, this is usually gone within two (2) weeks. Pumping the septic tank is normally not required after this. There will be no discernable bits of organic matter and solids moving around in the circulating effluent.
  3. Assuming a “normal” sludge level in the tank of 1-3 inches, this sludge will be digested (eaten) by the bacteria supplied with your Septic Genie within thirty (30) days. We often see this happening in two (2) weeks.
  4. Color of the liquid in the septic tank. You should see a noticeable difference in the color of the liquid; the black colored liquid that you normally see in septic tanks should become much lighter in color. This will continue as time goes by until the water becomes clear, like drinking water or weak tea.
  5. Bacteria growth; within thirty (30) days you should notice a typically tan to brown colored “goo” attached to the surface area of the Septic Genie. Depending on the various constituents in your drinking water, this “goo” can be light to dark gray to tan/brown in color. This indicates a healthy colony of bacteria. Some of the bacteria will have already left the septic tank and traveled to the drain field to begin the drain field restoration.
  6. Drain field: We don’t know how long it is going to take to restore your drain field. There are a lot of a factors involved including, but not limited to: the age of the system; soil type; outside temperature, daily flow; organic “load” and how well the system has been maintained. We guarantee that you should see an improvement in drain field function within 180 days. However, common sense has to prevail: if it has taken twenty years for the system to fail it is unlikely that you are going to have a complete restoration in one hundred and eighty (180) days. The goal of Septic Genie is to restore your drain field to the point where it is absorbing your daily water usage, provided this usage is within the design parameters of the septic system. Please note that when the outside temperatures falls below forty degrees Fahrenheit (40˚F) bacterial growth is impeded and restoration may take longer than in higher temperatures.

This money back guarantee is subject to the following conditions: 

  1. The Septic Genie was installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. The air pump and Septic Genie were operating continuously throughout the period.
  3. The daily water usage as measured in gallons per day has not exceeded the design capacity of the system.
  4. Outdoor temperatures have remained above freezing.
  5. There is no damage to the Septic Genie from any non-biodegradable items or materials that enter the septic system, including but not limited to personal latex products, rubber gloves, any items made of rubber, latex, plastics or metals, sand or soil from non-water tight septic tanks, etc.
  6. There are no toxic materials or chemicals introduced into the septic system in quantities capable of reducing the biotic health of micro-organisms including but not limited to petroleum products, pesticides, cleaning agents, paint or paint thinner / solvents, frequent laundry use beyond normal residential use, chemotherapeutic drugs or long term use of pharmaceuticals or antibiotic drugs (more than 10 days) without informing Septic Genie within five days of commencing the use of same.
  7. There are no failures of any elements associated with the septic system, high seasonal ground water and/or flooding of the septic system, including but not limited to broken pipes and faulty plumbing fixtures, failed “French Drains” or ground water diversion trenches, damaged septic tanks, root intrusion into septic tank, silted, collapsed or broken distribution/leach lines, broken or soil filled D-Boxes, clogged inlet pipes from residence to septic tank, compacted soil around leach lines from construction, vehicle, or animal use over the leach line area.
  8. There have been no permitted or non-permitted additions to the residence that would increase the load on the septic system beyond its designed capacity. There has been no non-permitted modification to the septic system. There has been no change in the occupancy of residence if a rental. There is no change in use of the residence, i.e. commercial or industrial operations.

If the above conditions have been met, and there is no improvement in septic tank performance and / or drain field function after 12 continuous months of nonfreezing temperatures, and the purchaser has contacted Septic Genie to work with Septic Genie staff to see if there is something the purchaser might do to create a solution, the purchaser may apply to Septic Genie for a refund.

The refund will be issued after all components have been received and inspected for damage by the manufacturer.  The refund will total the purchase price you paid, less a 15% restocking fee. Septic Genie will provide documentation of any damage. All costs of shipping including insurance are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

This Guarantee contains the entire understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter of this Guarantee. No representation, promise, agreement, or understanding, written or oral, not contained in this Guarantee shall be of any force or effect. No amendment shall be valid or binding unless the same is in writing and signed by both parties.

In the event either party institutes litigation to enforce any of its rights under this Guarantee, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its costs and reasonable attorney’s fees from the non-prevailing party. No waiver of any provision of this Guarantee shall be valid unless the same is in writing and signed by the party against whom the waiver is sought to be enforced.

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We have a 70 year old house with a 70 year old septic system. The drain field began to fail about 20 years ago. My mom believed roots had grown through. Not so said the septic company after inspecting with a camera and “cleaning” the drain field (cost $4000.) I was told I would need a drain field (cost $7000.) When to county denied a permit for that I was told I would need a New Septic System {cost $40,000 plus). We decided to do some research.
We found SEPTIC GENIE!!!. We installed it ourselves in a day and a half. Plugged it in and the septic system (70 years old) has worked perfectly ever since. Best $1500.00 I have spent. SEPTIC GENIE SAVED MY MAMA’S HOUSE.
By the way when the septic company found out what we were doing they informed us that they sold and installed the same kind of system for approximately $5000. Glad they forgot to mention that.

Lindy Valentine, Marietta GA

Old septic system saved

Brought an old system back to life that was at least 50 years old, excellent support excellent product I would recommend to anybody who has a septic system regardless of whether you’re having problems yet or not.

D.T., New Jersey

I have referred two customers to you so far and they have responded positively

I will continue to preach the benefits of your system.  It is a 21st century miracle, that all with septic systems should embrace. Every time I see CLEAR fluid I remain amazed.

Big time believer in product.

Since I have installed my system here in Saint Augustine I have had one neighbor install one and another ready to order. We are surrounded by 2500 homes in an older area. And See fields being replaced all the time. It is a logical solution to a difficult situation.

Tobey R.

Septic Genie the Best There is for Septic Tanks.

We live in the surrounding Atlanta area. We purchased and installed a Septic Genie in January 2021 after being told that we would have to have $12,000.00 worth of work done to restore our Septic and yard back to standard. Our yard doesn’t have the wet spots anymore and the System is at it Peak and we could not be happier!! Do yourself a favor this is not a paid advertisement this is a real customer. The product works.

Mccrae Watson, Georgia

This is an excellent product

I was getting water coming to the surface, strong smell – as soon as I installed the Genie the problem was solved exactly as the material on the website had stated. I have not had a problem for over 2 years now. This is an excellent product.


Fixed the smell and the sludge.

Murray McGill, Spokane WA

Money saver!

We had puddles of sewage in our backyard. This was getting so bad It was seeping into our neighbors yard. We knew we had to do some thing quickly. We ran across septic genie on the Internet. We decided to take a chance and try the system out. And in Three months, the standing water was gone and it has never returned even with hard rains. The system is worth every penny, including the bacteria tablets that work extremely well with the system.

Charles Engelman

Easy install and it works great

The instructions for install were easy to follow and very thorough. The hardest part was digging the trench. Once I had all the parts, it went in in a couple hours. I got a call from Arnie their technical support guy who is very helpful.

Pat Roe, Hendersonville, NC

Save much money!!

I was looking at the cost of a new septic system around 40,000 dollars. The septic genie cost me under 3,000 dollars and I was able to install it myself. This was going on four years ago. It has worked wonders !! Exactly as advertised maybe even better.

Timothy Lelie, NJ

It worked for me!!

I installed the Genie in February, and by May there was a noticeable difference in the yard. The dark green soggy grass areas had disappeared. The smell was gone. Now 1 year later, my yard still looks (and smells) great.

Scott, Ann Arbor, Michigan

At this point we are very pleased with our septic genie. It is operating as advertised and our septic system has definetly improved.

Charles Schwartz, Richland WA

A dream come true

My experience… in layman terms, is a dream come true. My septic system of twenty-plus years was in complete failure. I felt I had nothing to lose… if it worked then my problem with my septic was over. It did everything they said it would do… My system started working quickly after I put it in.  Thanks again for my worry-free septic.

R. Glazier, Kansas

Wet spots

Had issues with traditional septic system. Grandchildren getting dirty in wet spots. Local septic business quoted prices kept changing…up, and up. Did some research, found septic genie, solved problem at one tenth the cost!! Do recommend.

William Birdwell, Lindenwood IL

The yard looks like it did 15 years ago when we first bought the house

The Genie is working great. Better than I could have imagined. The yard looks like it did 15 years ago when we first bought the house.

I have been spreading the word to folks in my area whose system may be in trouble.


Great System.

I had foul water coming out of the asphalt drive way. My Septic Genie fixed the problem and saved me more than $14,000 by not having to redo the whole leach field. Thank you Septic Genie.  If possible, reducing the price of the annual Bacteria Tabs would be a great improvement.

Ali Bayzaie,  San Jose CA

Septic Genie has Helped Us Tremendously

Septic Genie has helped us tremendously. Put in a year or so ago, it has improved our septic set up. At the time of installation, we had foul odor on the property.

After several weeks with the Genie, the smell went away. Count me among satisfied Genie customers.

With appreciation, Martin H.

Definitely a septic saver!

Going around 10 months ago that I ordered and installed septic genie and it definitely saved me from the headache of seeing the drain field wet and smell that was starting. Found out it was an old style seepage pit. Septic Genie restored it and was easy to install. Definitely recommend it over other methods out there.

Richard, NY

My Septic Genie Experience

The system began working immediately and the leach field showed a remarkable difference in a very short period of time. The yard’s physical appearance also recovered in far less time than a major excavation could.

Thank you for helping us resolve our septic problem quickly and inexpensively.  Your system made the difference in the sale of our home and a large difference in the profit we made on that sale.

Everything is working as described.

We were told our tile bed was finished. It has been two years now with the Septic Genie and all is working fine. Best thing we have ever purchased.

Larry Taylor, Ontario, Canada

Excellent product and support!

This system has been installed for over 7yrs now without flaws. I have refreshed the air compressor, with the supplied kit, and dropped a tablet every other year. My septic continues to be oder free and drainage positive. In my experience with the customer support, I have had nothing but excellent service!

Eric Pierce, Gettysburg PA

I Dream of Genie!

In 24 hours, mine had no odor, no color, no muss, no fuss! 10 years with the Septic Genie and all is well, like nothing ever happened…$30,000 repair avoided…amazing device, should be in every septic system from the start. Thanks — I Dream of Genie!

Kurt E.

60 month tablet

Maintaining a balance in the septic system is easy by adding a tablet every 6 months. Previous home had sludge plugged field, but 3 3-month treatments, cleared the field, clean brown sand visible thru ports, and tank was clear grey water. Excellent!

Geoff Barstow, VT

Septic Genie is an awesome buy. All the build up are gone.  I highly recommend it to anyone who have drain field system . It works as advertised.

Rayfruan Orpilla, FL

Fantastic Solution

We have had a Septic Genie for about 4 years. We began researching solutions when experiencing water collection in the yard, unpleasant smells, and consultations that advised we may have a failing leach field. In my search I found Septic Genie and we decided to give it a try. We are so thankful we took the risk! The puddles have dried up and we have no more unpleasant smells. All seems to be working beautifully. I would recommend this solution to anyone facing similar septic issues .

Kristen Robbins,  Cotati, CA

Awesome Product

Was skeptical at first, but went about and purchased the system, so glad I did, been installed for about 7yrs with zero problems and NO pump outs. I purchase the tablets once a year and change out the pump filter…cleared up my leach lines as well…mind u my septic system is over 60 yrs old and it works perfect.
Scott Holcomb, Spring Valley CA

System works

I purchase one to two tablets annually to keep the system running smoothly. Since I installed my SG over ten years ago, I have had no field problems. I did have to rebuilt the electric motor, but it was easy and the tech support was excellent when I ran into a slight problem. Would highly recommend to anyone with field like issues.

Eric G.,  Alabama

You won’t be sorry

I had my doubts upon purchasing this unit my hole back yard was black gooey mess I called to get estimates nothing short of 10000 but there had to be a better way my house was built in the early seventy and had my grandchildren move in so it was more than my plumbing could handle after talking to customer support I didn’t believe this could work for me but they said give it a couple months well it did nothing but the third month it worked and I think I had the unit close to 8 years and couldn’t be happier once a year drop the bacteria tablet in and change the pump filter and your good to go and you don’t ever have to get your septic tank pumped out you won’t be sorry

Gil White

Awesome product

Awesome product, does just what they claim. Saved me a ton of money. Thanks

David Keeney, PA

My drain field has dried completely and there is NO odor at all!!

I’m so glad to have found Septic Genie! My drain field has dried completely and there is NO odor at all!! My husband and I are amazed. Thank you!!



I’ve had my Septic Genie for approximately five years. If treated with the tablets, the septic water remains clear and has very little odor. I haven’t had to pump my septic since owning the genie. It definitely was a great investment!

JoAnn, Chatsworth CA

This has Saved me Thousands!

I was completely skeptical of this product. With the money back guarantee I figured I had nothing to loose. Looking at $10k to replace my system, I am $2k into this system, 1 replacement pump and my yearly bacteria for the last 5 years. Completely worth the money!

Read Young,  Nampa, ID

Fabulous for Over 10 Years

We have never regretted making the Septic Genie purchase over 10 years ago. It has more than adequately paid for itself. The leach field is working so good we have never had to do any costly repairs on it. Nor have we ever had to have the septic tank cleaned out since using septic genie. Take the time to invest is a product that just keeps working to save you money in the short run and definitely long term as well.

David Main, Arkansas

40,000 $ Savings

Our system has been working tirelessly for the past three years. There is minimal maintenance and maximum performance!!!

Timothy Lelie

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