About Septic Genie

What is Septic Genie?dreamstime_xxl_31279174

Septic Genie  is a small, easily installed system and patented bacteria blend that will not only reverse or prevent septic system failures – but eliminate the need to ever pump your septic system again.

Does it sound too good to be true? Let us explain.

  1. Your Septic System uses naturally occurring intestinal bacteria to break down organic waste in your septic system
  2. Then your system uses the natural laws of gravity to collect the “solid waste” at the bottom of the septic tank while the waste water flows out into your leach field, and then is further naturally filtered by the ground.
  3. The solid waste (“sludge”) remains at the bottom of the tank and the grease (“scum”) floats to the top. The sludge and scum need to be cleaned out periodically – otherwise known as pumping the septic tank. This must be done professionally so that the pumped waste can be disposed of properly.

It’s a wonderful and environmentally friendly system.

However, your septic system has a weakness.  It’s called “biomat.”

Septic Field Bed Over Time

When intestinal bacteria travels through your septic system, it leaves a small amount of slimy waste called “biomat.”  At first, this isn’t a problem because there is plenty of space for the wastewater to go.

But as the biomat accumulates over 20 or more years, it slowly clogs up the holes in the drain pipes and the soil in the drain field. Even with regular septic tank maintenance, that continues to build up over time.

Now all of a sudden, the wastewater has nowhere to go, and begins to backup.

You may see soggy smelly spots in your yard – or worse, experience septic waste backing up into your home!

What happens when your septic system fails?

If you are experiencing

  • Soggy soil or wet spots near the septic tank or drain field
  • Gurgling toilets or slow draining toilets and sinks
  • Sewage backup in your home

 Then unfortunately, you have a failure in your septic system that requires your attention.

Replacing your septic system is expensive and can destroy your landscaping.

There’s a reason why replacing your septic system is so costly – you need to excavate a large area of your yard to dig up and then replace either the septic tank, drainfield, or both.  Not to mention the large equipment driving over your property.

Replacing your septic system can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000, depending on the conditions and location.  What if you could solve this problem for a fraction of the price?

Septic Genie is the ONLY product on the market that incubates and grows our proprietary bacteria blend to eat the biomat that is clogging up your septic system!

That’s the beauty of this simple approach.  Septic Genie uses a unique bacteria blend developed specifically to not only breakdown the normal waste in your septic tank, but slowly breakdown the biomat that clogs up the drain pipes.  Our unique bacteria blend survives and thrives in both aerobic AND anaerobic conditions, and so it digests all organic waste in both the septic tank and the drain field.  In fact, our special bacteria blend doubles every 20 minutes as it digests the waste!

With Septic Genie, over 90% of the solid waste is now being removed from the waste water right there in the tank!

Not only will you save thousands of dollars on a septic system replacement, excavation, and fixing the landscaping… you will also save on future septic system pumping costs.  Septic Genie is an investment that just can’t be beat.