Protect Your Septic System by Conserving Water Part 3

If you use a septic system in your home, then water conservation can help you keep it running strong.

Did you know that you can easily overload your septic system if you use too much water? When your septic system is overloaded, the bacteria that breaks down solids inside of it can’t do its job effectively. Water conservation is essential for people who have septic systems in their homes, and in our previous septic tank care blog, we went over several tips for conserving water in your home. Here are the last few steps you can take to save more water at home:

#8. Skip your daily shower every once in awhile.

While it may not sound appealing, skipping your daily shower just once a week can really help you save a lot of water. Most of us don’t really need to take a shower every day, and showering daily can actually be bad for your hair and skin anyway.

#9. Don’t wash your vehicle at home.

Keeping your vehicle clean is important for both its aesthetic appeal and its paint, but that doesn’t mean you should wash your vehicle at home. Save water by washing your vehicle at a car wash that recycles the water it uses.

#10. Keep an eye on your meter or water bill.

In a previous blog, we mentioned the importance of fixing plumbing leaks for conserving water, but not all plumbing leaks are obvious. To spot hidden plumbing leaks, keep an close eye on your meter and water bills. If you notice any spikes in usage, it might be time to have a plumber inspect your home for leaks.

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