Preparing Your Septic System for Fall

Fall is here, and winter will be here before you know it. Is your septic system ready for the winter?

No one is a huge fan of the cold, and your septic system is no exception. Your septic system faces many unique challenges over the winter, and if you want to make sure that you can rely on it all winter long, you need to prepare it for the cold weather ahead. In our last septic tank care blog, we went over a couple of tips to help you prepare your septic system for the winter. Here are a couple more things you should do:

#1. Clear away leaves and other debris.

Falling leaves and the other remnants of fall, such as twigs, branches, etc., should be cleared away from your septic system. Try to keep the areas around the leach field and septic cover clear. This is a good idea so that your septic system can easily be accessed in case of an emergency.

#2. Move heavy equipment away from your septic system.

Any vehicles, riding lawnmowers or other heavy equipment should be parked well away from your septic system. Parking heavy equipment and vehicles near the drainfield area, pipes or tank could compact the soil near the system or cause damage to the pipes.

#3. Get your septic system insulated.

The bacteria that is responsible for breaking down solids in your septic system depends on a stable environment. If it gets cold enough, the bacteria could drastically slow down and, in some cases, it could even die, causing the solids in your septic system to build up. Your main line or septic tank could also freeze. Proper insulation can help to prevent freezing and protect the good bacteria inside your septic system. To insulate, simply allow an extra six inches of grass to grow over the top of your entire septic system, including the drain field and connecting pipes.

To avoid causing problems in your septic system, follow this tip and the others in this blog.

To make your septic system last a lifetime, consider installing a Septic Genie system.  Septic Genie is a small, easily system and patented bacteria blend that will not only prevent or reverse septic system failure — but also eliminate the need to ever pump your septic tank again!

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