Septic Genie Installation Videos

Some important information!

We’ve modified the installation since these videos was filmed; please read these changes before installing your unit:

  • In a two chamber septic tank, install the Septic Genie in the inlet chamber. This is the first chamber, where all the household waste enters the septic tank.
  • The air pump no longer comes with a weatherproof cover.  It’s not necessary in moderate climates, and increased the cost to our customers.
  • The standard air pump does not have an alarm.  If you would like an alarm on the air pump, please call us at 888-487-7772.
  • The bacteria bag has been replaced with the SGTab, which includes 40 million live aerobic bacteria, more than double what the bacteria bag had.  The SGTab comes pre-installed inside the Septic Genie.  You’ll also receive a Bacteria Power Pack to jump start the Bacteria colony growth.

In regions where temperatures fall below freezing, take these additional steps:

Air pump placement:

  • If possible, install the air pump indoors in an area where temperatures stay above freezing.
  • If installing the air pump in an unheated building, put an enclosure over it to retain the heat from the motor and keep it warm. A cooler with holes drilled into it for ventilation, or a large plastic tub with holes, works well.
  • Be sure to leave enough room for air to flow into the enclosed space, and around the pump, to prevent overheating.

Insulate the air lines:

  • Dig an 8 to 12 inch deep trench from your air pump to the septic tank.  Bury the air pipes in this trench.  This will help protect it from freezing temperatures.
  • Put pipe insulation on all 1/2 inch PVC air pipes running outdoors from the air pump to the septic tank or riser.
  • Put the insulated PVC pipe inside a second 2 inch PVC pipe.  This additional layer will prevent the pipe insulation from getting compressed by the soil over time, which could reduce its effectiveness.