How is Septic Genie different from Septic Aerators?

Septic Aerators are often advertised as being the best solution to a failed leach field. They’re not. While an aerator is better than nothing, it’s not a complete solution.

Septic Genie’s Aerobic Bacteria Generator (ABG) Technology

Septic Genie ABG in action. The water is pulled smoothly through the Genie, spreading the bacteria quickly and completely throughout the entire tank to digest the solids in the water.

Septic Genie is not an aerator — it’s an Aerobic Bacteria Generator (ABG).  The Septic Genie was designed specifically to mix the Septic Genie bacteria with effluent, air and water in the most efficient way. In color tests with a miniature 3 inch Septic Genie in a 60 gallon drum, it took less than 45 seconds for the 60 gallons of water to be totally and evenly mixed with the color. 

The patented Septic Genie ABG technology is the only septic technology that creates the perfect non-depletable oxygen environment for our patented powerful natural facultative bacteria blend to multiply rapidly, quickly break down solids and clear the biomat clog.   Accept no substitutes.


Standard Septic Aeration Systems

Aerator Bubble Column. Notice how still the rest of the water is.  Where the water is still, solid waste ends up settling to the bottom of the tank, forming sludge.

Aerators simply pump air into the septic tank, creating an aerobic environment in which aerobic bacteria can grow. While this is better than nothing, it’s not a complete solution.The simple aeration systems being sold by everyone else create a column of bubbles.  As you can see, the water around the bubble column is hardly moving. This means that any aerobic bacteria introduced into the tank will take a long time to be circulated through all the water.  Over time there will be some mixing and exposure to the bubbles in the column, but simple aeration is the least efficient means of circulation, mixing and air transfer.



What this means to you:

Having effluent and air constantly circulating throughout ALL of the water does a couple of key things.

  1. The organic solids (effluent) is in constant contact with the patented Septic Genie special bacteria blend.
  2. The bacteria thrives and multiplies rapidly in this “food-rich” environment. The more bacteria, the better!  Why? Because bacteria are always hungry.  It devours virtually all the organic waste (scum and sludge) in the tank, as well as the new waste that arrives every time water is used in the house.
  3. Organic waste escaping from the septic tank and washing into the drain field causes problems — foul odors, pooling water on the ground, leach field failure. By eliminating the organic waste in the tank, you don’t have to worry about it ever being washed out into the drain field.
  4. As the SG Bacteria colony grows, it spreads to the drain field, devouring the organic solids that are clogging the field. As the biomat gunk is digested, the drain field is restored to normal function.  Water now flows through the field into the surrounding soil as it’s supposed to.

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