Maintenance for a System with a Septic Genie

We strongly recommend recharging the bacteria in your septic system once or twice each year by adding an SGTab, available on our website.  This keeps the bacteria colony strong, replenishing any shrinkage that may occur during cold or dry seasons.

It’s also recommended that you visually inspect the system each year — odors and floating solid waste are indicators that the bacteria has died off and needs replenishing.

  • Be sure that there is adequate air flow through the Genie. If there is low turbulence around it, this could indicate a pump problem. If this is the case, call us.
  • Look for non-organic materials floating in the tank, anything other than toilet paper doesn’t belong there. If there is a large amount of toilet paper, use a septic safe tissue. 
  • Check to be sure that inlet and outlet pipes are intact and clear of debris.
  • If you have an effluent filter in the outlet baffle, now is a good time to remove it and clean it. Be sure to wear gloves! There are many YouTube videos showing how to do this is.
  • Add your Bacteria Tablet by carefully slipping it out of the plastic bag and into the tank near your Genie. Try to avoid splashing.
  • Close and secure the tank lid.

WARNING:  Be sure to never leave an open tank unattended as pets and children could fall in and perish!