About Septic Genie

Our Septic Remedies team has over 50 years of septic system experience covering all aspects of on-site wastewater treatment; this includes septic system design; installation; maintenance; troubleshooting and repairs.

The inventor of the Septic Genie is Jerry Fife. Jerry is a lifelong licensed contractor with an exceptional knowledge of septic systems. He has shown his abilities throughout the USA and in countries where there is no industry support.

In 1993 Jerry decided there had to be a change in the septic industry in the USA. In order to accelerate the breaking down of solid waste he needed to invent a device that could grow a particular species of bacteria. In 1995 Jerry invented an “Aerobic Bacteria Generator” or ABG. The Pirana was born. Jerry and a partner patented the device and later called it the “Pirana Method”.

The Pirana has undergone independent third party testing and is certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), a leading test facility for plumbing products. Once a product has been certified by the IAPMO, it becomes part of the Uniform Plumbing Code (“UPC”), the UPC is then adopted by many states as their state plumbing code. In the mid-1990s, with Jerry’s help as the inventor of the ABG technology, the IAPMO developed an IAPMO Guide Criteria (ICG) for an ABG and a testing protocol. Pirana received certification from the IAPMO in 2004.

Piranas are sold through septic installers, for those cases in which the septic tank needs to be modified in order to install a Pirana.

The Septic Genie was created in 2005 for the Do It Yourself homeowner. The Septic Genie can be installed by the homeowner or a handyman with a few simple tools. Our experienced septic consultants, along with our installation videos and printed instructions, help you every step of the way.

We’re here to help you get your septic system working as we have for thousands of other people like you. We offer you sound, knowledgeable advice that you can count on based on our experience in the septic industry.