6 Key Criteria for a Septic Solution

Warning: Do NOT buy any Septic Product or Service unless it meets the following 6 criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the septic industry. I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

1. The ability to permanently restore your septic system without digging up your yard. Despite what septic contractors tell you, you don’t have to replace your existing drain field. Ask them to do the same research you are doing to see if there is an alternative, and one that saves you money. In most instances a septic contractor will make more money from replacing your drain field than they will from installing a Septic Genie. They have their interest at heart, not yours!

2. Easy to install. Septic Genie only takes several hours to install. There is no heavy equipment involved, hardly any digging and this means less disruption for you. On the other hand, installing a new drain field is not easy. It usually takes several days, if not a week to complete and involves the use of heavy equipment that is disruptive to you and your family. You may have to stop using the septic system for a day or two in the process.

3. Eliminate the need for regular pumping. This is easy folks. If you remove 90%+ of the organic solids (remember the Septic Genie bacteria eat everything that is bio-degradable) there’s nothing left to pump! Don’t make your pumper rich at your expense!

4. Eliminate foul smells and odors. If you haven’t experienced septic odor, you’re lucky. Some homeowners install Septic Genie just to remove the smell! You don’t have to live with septic odors.

5. Easy to maintain. Septic Genie has no moving parts and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. You have nothing to worry about. The air pump is considered “low tech” by today’s standards and usually has a useful life of three to four years. At the end of the three to four years simply replace the pump diaphragms (it’s like changing the inner tube on a bicycle), and the pump is good to go for another three to four years. There’s nothing else to go wrong!

6. Environmentally friendly. Septic Genie is a completely natural process. The inventor based the design on how nature has evolved to eat human waste, oils and greases etc. These same bacteria can probably be found under leaves in your own backyard. The inventor designed a vessel to keep the bacteria alive in a septic tank and voila, the Aerobic (with air) Bacteria (microbes) Generator (grower) or as we call it an ABG. With some four billion gallons of septic liquid being dumped into the soils across the country every day we owe it to ourselves to do “our bit” for the environment, particularly when you’re saving money in the process and end up with a much better septic system.