Common Septic Tank Mistakes Part 3

Avoiding common septic system mistakes could help you keep your system running strong.

When your septic system is in good shape, you don’t have to think twice about it, which is pretty nice, considering the alternative. Septic system problems are never fun to deal with, and you could be making mistakes that could be causing problems without even realizing it. We went over some of the most common septic system mistakes that people make in our last blog. Today, we’ll be finishing up this blog series with these last two septic system mistakes:

Mistake #5. You maintain your septic tank with chemical additives.

Many septic cleaners and drain cleaners claim that they are able to break down solids and clogs effectively, and while that may be true, they often cause more harm than good. Not only can these cleaners eat away at your pipes, they can also kill the bacteria responsible for breaking down solids in your septic system. You’re much better off using all natural septic cleaners, like the Septic Genie. It’s also a good idea to stop using chemical cleaners when you clean your toilets, sinks and other plumbing fixtures.

Mistake #6. You don’t get your septic system inspected.

Many septic system problems are not obvious to the average homeowner, and it’s much easier and cheaper to fix a small problem than it is to fix a big problem. When you get your septic system inspected, you are alerted to small problems before they turn into big problems.

Avoiding these common mistakes will go a long way in taking great care of your septic system, but when you need a little extra help, rely on Septic Genie. Contact us today to find out if Septic Genie is right for your system.

Common Septic Tank Mistakes Part 2

Knowing which mistakes to avoid is a big part of taking great care of your septic system.

The last thing that anyone wants is to have problems with their septic systems, and luckily, if you take great care of your septic system, you don’t have to worry. However, many people unknowingly make septic tank care mistakes that end up damaging their systems. If you haven’t already, read our previous post to learn about the septic system mistakes we’ve already gone over. Here are a couple more:

Mistake #3. You don’t pump regularly.

The best thing that you can do to maintain your septic system is to get it pumped on a regular basis. How you use your system, as well as your system itself, factor into how often you should have it pumped, but most septic systems need to be pumped every two or three years.

Mistake #4. You use your garbage disposal.

The contents of your septic system are broken down by bacteria, and when you add your leftovers, it adds more solids for the bacteria to break down. Plus, grease and oil can disrupt the environment the bacteria need to survive. Putting the wrong food scraps in your garbage disposal could seriously shorten the life of your septic system.

Although we’ve touched on several septic system mistakes that people commonly make, there are still a few mistakes that you need to be aware of. In our next blog, we’ll be finishing up this series with the last two septic system mistakes that you need to avoid.

Common Septic Tank Mistakes Part 1

Keep your septic tank in good shape by knowing which septic system mistakes to avoid!

Most people don’t give a second thought to their septic system until there is a problem, but that is the wrong way to go about it. Your septic system can be fairly easy to maintain and keep in good working order, but you have to know how to take care of it properly. With Septic Genie, septic system maintenance is easy, but it’s also important to know what septic system mistakes to avoid. Here are a few of the most common septic system mistakes we encounter:

Mistake #1. You’re flushing too many paper products.

Toilet paper is designed specifically for toilets, so many people think that this means that they can use as much as they want. However, when it comes to your septic system, there is such a thing as too much toilet paper. You’re best bet is to be prudent with the amount of toilet paper you use. Also, avoid flushing any other paper products, such as tampons, baby wipes, sanitary napkins and wet wipes, as they can cause nasty clogs.

Mistake #2. You do all of your laundry at once.

Even a small load of laundry requires a large amount of water, and if you are doing four or five loads all on the same day, it can be too much for your septic system to handle. Protect your septic system by spreading out your laundry throughout the week.

These are just a couple of the many common septic system mistakes that we run into at Septic Remedies. Learn more septic system mistakes to avoid when you stay tuned for our next blog.

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When you need a solution for your septic tank problems, there’s no better company to turn to than Septic Remedies. We have been working with septic systems for over 50 years now, and we have handled everything from design to installation to troubleshooting. When it comes to your septic tank, you need a partner on your side who can provide you with a solution you can rely on, and Septic Remedies is that partner.

We have a long history with septic tank problems and solutions.

In 1993, Jerry Fife, a licensed contractor who has extensive knowledge of septic tanks, invented the Pirana, a device designed to accelerate the breakdown of waste in septic systems by growing a specific species of bacteria. The Pirana is now certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), and it is an incredibly effective product. However, Piranas are only sold through certain septic installers, and some tanks needs to be modified in order to use them. This led to the creation of the Septic Genie in 2005, which is a septic tank solution that any homeowner can install by themselves with a few simple tools.

As you can see, here at Septic Remedies, we’ve been helping people find solutions to their septic tank problems for years. Our experience and expertise has helped us to develop one-of-a-kind solutions for homeowners everywhere. Is the Septic Genie the right option for your septic system? Contact us today to find out!