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I was getting water coming to the surface, strong smell - as soon as I installed the Genie the problem was solved exactly as the material on the website had stated.
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Leach Field Repair
Leach Field Repair Have you recently gotten the news that you need to replace the drain field in your septic system? You are probably aware of the costs that come with this, somewhere between $5 and $20 thousand dollars. This does not include the work that will have to be done to your property after it has been torn up to do those replacement or repairs! This is very discouraging news to get. Now you have hope! We have created a product for the homeowner that will perform leach field repairs. Our Septic Genie is easy to install and will get to work right away.

What does our Genie offer you in leach field repairs? Here are the benefits you will get;
  • You will not have to replace your drain field; instead you will be restoring your existing one.
  • The Genie will consume 90% of organic material in your system. This means you will not normally have to pump your system to do a leach field repair.
  • If you are experiencing any odors or smells they will be gone in 24 to 36 hours and are unlikely to return.
  • Once it's installed it will begin to work immediately. Installation is easy and will only take a few hours with or without a handyman. No heavy equipment or special tools are needed. Instructions with pictures are included with the Genie.
  • This is a completely natural process and environmentally friendly. You can be assured that you are disposing clear, highly treated liquid into the ground rather then untreated sewage.
  • You will not have to pump your system as much as a system without the Genie, maybe once every ten years to remove any inorganic and non-biodegradable materials.
  • Costs pennies a day to run and your maintenance costs will be dramatically reduced. You will do an annual check and replace the bacteria inoculum.
  • Lifetime warranty on the Septic Genie and six month money back performance guarantee so there is no risk, just make this leach field repair and your system back to normal.
You can be at ease knowing that this is a fix for the long haul. There will be no follow up maintenance costs or problems caused by the installation. The bacteria will continue to grow and will increase or decrease in population depending upon the amount of sewage entering the septic tank from the house. So if you go on vacation do not worry when you return, the bacteria will increase in population as the output from the house increases.

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