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I was getting water coming to the surface, strong smell - as soon as I installed the Genie the problem was solved exactly as the material on the website had stated.
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Drain Field Repair
Drain Field Repair You have problems with your septic system and now you are told that you need have some septic drain field repair done. You are very concerned because the quote to fix it was so high and it will be time consuming to complete plus they will have to tear up your property. What is the bill to fix your property going to cost? So many thoughts all at once, and you don't know what else you can do. Well you do have another option. We have created a product for homeowners that need drain field repairs. Our product is the Septic Genie. It can be installed by the homeowner, in just a few hours and does not do any damage to your property.

What causes the problem that requires a drain field repair? A build up of biomat clogs up the drain field and the soil, not allowing the liquid to be absorbed. You will normally see a backup on your lawn, in your plumbing fixtures, and a smell. What causes the biomat? It is caused by anaerobic bacteria that come from our intestines. They can survive the trip through the septic system, however, when they get to the drain field and the soil they cause a big problem. They create slime causing clogging throughout the whole area of the soil around the drain field. This will restrict and generally not allow all septic liquid to be absorbed by the soil. This is when you will need some sort of drain field repair.

Our Genie will start to work on your system as soon as the installation is complete. The special bacteria in our system will start by working in the tank first. Here they will digest any organic matter. This bacteria lives and reproduces in the Genie that is installed in your septic tank. They will digest human waste, oils, grease, toilet paper and more. This digestion does not occur in a conventional tank. The bacteria will travel to the drain field and soil where they eat and digest the biomat that has built up. Depending on how much build up you have will affect how long it will be until you see results. Some of our customers have seen results in two weeks, while others have seen it take longer. Click here to see more information about our product and watch some installation videos.
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