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Listen to a message from Michael Grubb, Founder of Septic Genie, Inc.
What Our Customers Say
"This is an excellent product"
I was getting water coming to the surface, strong smell - as soon as I installed the Genie the problem was solved exactly as the material on the website had stated.
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Septic problems can be a real pain in the butt…when you let them go unattended, they raise their ugly head and before you know it your yard is being ripped apart and money is being drained from your bank account…don’t let that happen.

If You Are Experiencing Any Kind of Septic Problem, You Are About to Discover How You Can Permanently Fix This Problem In the Least Disruptive and Least Expensive Way…Guaranteed!

From: Michael Grubb

January 8, 2013

Dear Septic System Owner:

Septic Genie was designed specifically for you to let you fully restore your failed or failing septic system without replacing your drain field…the old way old dealing with the problem.

The latest version of our technology, building on our original product that was launched over ten years ago, offers greater power and efficiency in digesting organic waste in septic tanks and speeds up the drain field restoration process.

Septic Genie returns drain fields to proper functioning and keeps them from failing in the future.

Septic Genie Will Restore Your Existing Septic System….

  • It doesn’t matter what type of tank you have…single chamber, two chamber, concrete, fiberglass etc.
  • It doesn’t matter what type of drain field you have…leach field, leach bed, lateral lines, cesspool, drywell etc.
  • It doesn’t matter how old your system is…most of customers have septic systems that are 30, 40, 50 and even 60 years old.
  • And, it doesn’t matter what condition your system is in…we’ve restored systems that were being pumped every two weeks! Paul and Olina, the owners, were thrilled and said “They didn’t just restore it they raised it from the dead.

Here’s what Donna from Sturgis, South Dakota said:


“The Septic Genie is An Amazing Thing”

We had been experiencing frequent back ups into the house and we were pumping the system at least once every six months. In the two months before installing the Genie we pumped 4 times at a price of $168 every time. I Purchased the Genie and my son installed it 1 week before the Sturgis rally. We rent our house out for the rally and 4 to 8 extra people here for a 10 day period. I was very nervous about the septic system being a problem, but needless to say, it worked perfectly. Everyday I would have my husband open the lid on the septic and everyday the water was clean and at exactly the same level, no matter how much it was used. We do 4 or 5 loads of laundry in a row now and never worry at all. The Septic Genie is an amazing thing. I am just waiting for the day when someone tells me they have a septic problem. I know I could tell them how to fix it and why it would work. Thanks you for curing my septic problems and a very reasonable price

Donna, Sturgis, South Dakota


"The Septic Problem You’re Experiencing Is
Likely To Be The Same, No Matter The Type, Age
Or Condition Of Your Septic System…Clogged Soil".

After years of disposing of untreated sewage into the soil it becomes clogged and won’t allow liquid to drain through it like it was originally designed to do. This clogging is called “bio-mat” and is caused by the bacteria that live in your septic tank.

These bacteria do a poor job of digesting human waste, fats, oils and grease that enter your septic tank from your house. Hence you have a scum level in your tank made up of “floatable” solids, and sludge that accumulates on the bottom of your tank made up from solids that don’t float. The bacteria get carried to your drain field in the liquid leaving your tank and they start to secrete a mucal slime. This is the first step in the slime or bio-mat build-up and it takes on average 20 to 25 years before most drain fields show symptoms of failure.

Here Are Some Common Symptoms Of Failed
Or Failing Drain Fields:

  • Spongy soil over the drain field..you’ll notice this when you walk over the field
  • Liquid breakout over the drain field or septic tank..dark grey or black in color
  • Foul smelling odors…the rotten egg smell!
  • Gurgling drains…when you flush a toilet or drain a sink
  • Frequent pumping…time periods between pumping get shorter
  • Back-up in your house…the worst! I don’t need to explain this…right!

Any of these sound familiar?

Don’t worry…we can fix it.

When You Install Septic Genie In Your Tank
You Will Immediately Begin To See Results.

The installation will only take you a couple of hours, following some simple step-by-step instructions that come with your Genie. No special know how is required and you do not need any special tools…it’s designed so you can install yourself or with the help of a handyman.

Once you switch on your Genie and install our special blend of bacteria that come with your Genie, the bacteria get to work right away and start to digest all the organic waste, fats, oil and grease in your septic tank….they do an amazing job of this compared to the bacteria you have in your tank now!

The bacteria get carried out to your drain field with the liquid leaving your tank and once they arrive there, they start to chew on the crud or bio-mat that’s clogged your soil. Pretty soon they eat enough crud to open up the natural pores of the soil allowing liquid to drain down through the soil like it’s supposed to do.

That’s it…the bacteria continue to do their job and your drain field will return to proper function…we guarantee it.

Here’s what Vicki from Middletown, Delaware had to say:

“My Drain Field Has Dried Completely and There Is No Odor At All”

I'm so glad to have found Septic Genie! My drain field has dried completely and there is NO odor at all!! My husband and I are amazed. Thank you!!

Vicki Nowell, Middletown, DE


  You Benefit In The Following Ways:

  • You won’t have to replace your existing drain field or install a new one…you can restore your existing drain field. This alone will save you a bundle of money, let alone the disruption to your yard and landscaping caused by installing or replacing a drain field and the intrusion to your daily life.
  • The need to pump your septic tank is dramatically reduced …maybe once every ten years or longer to remove any non-biodegradable items and inorganic material. Our Septic Genie bacteria “eat” 90%+ of organic material, therefore there won’t be anything to pump.
  • You won’t smell septic odors anymore…Septic Genie eliminates septic smells and odors, usually within 12 hours…never to return
  • Septic Genie removes the cause of septic system failure…bio-mat clogging in the soil. With the cause of the failure removed you’ll have great peace of mind knowing problems won’t come back in the future.
  • Septic Genie is easy to install; it’s designed so you can install it yourself, or with the help of a handyman. No heavy equipment like back hoes are required and installation only takes a couple of hours. No special tools, equipment or technical know-how is required. You just have to able to follow the simple installation instructions that are shipped with your Genie. Once again this helps to keep the cost down.
  • Your septic maintenance costs will go down. No pumping, no clean outs and no drain field replacement. Septic Genie costs just pennies a day to run and maintain
  • Septic Genie is a completely natural process and therefore environmentally friendly. You’ll have pleasure knowing that you have a completely natural process taking care of your wastewater and not polluting the soil or causing harm to your local community.

Now I know you’re probably a bit skeptical…I would be too. In fact you may even be thinking that this all sounds too good to be true. To be honest, we hear it all the time because most people think we must be exaggerating our claims.

Let Me Give You Five Good Reasons Why
We Can Back Up Our Claims:

  1. Our technology received a U.S. Patent in 2004…the first major breakthrough in the septic industry in 50 years or more. It takes a lot of time and money to convince the US Patent Office that a product is worthy of being granted a patent…we took the time and spent the money to do this. If the US Patent office is comfortable with our technology, you should be as well.
  2. Out technology is IAPMO approved. IAPMO is the largest organization for testing plumbing appliances in the US…we wanted a third party organization to support what we were saying. Once a product is IAPMO approved, many states adopt the product as part of their Uniform Plumbing Code. This is third party testing you can hang your hat on.
  3. I am a NAWT Certified Septic Inspector. NAWT is the leading national organization in certifying septic system inspectors. NAWT certifies individuals as septic system inspectors and insists each inspector follows a code of ethics in order to keep their certification. I’m not going got stick my neck out and risk my livelihood to recommend something that doesn’t work.
  4. We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau Online and have a 100% clean track record with them.
  5. We have been in business for over 40 years. We wouldn’t have been around this long unless we treated our customers fairly and they could trust us. 

Obviously Septic Genie works.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say after being skeptical at first:


“Without Reservation I Strongly Recommend Septic Genie”

Our system was clogged to the point where we could only do one load of laundry per day, and had to space out our showers. Of course we had our system pumped, which it didn't need.

The septic company "experts" I called had no solution other then to tear out the existing system and install a new one, at a cost of $25,000+. I wasn't pleased with that.

After much searching on the web I came across the Septic Genie. Of course I was highly skeptical of the claims, and probably wouldn't of bought had I not come across the 100% money back guarantee.

It arrived quicker then I expected, I installed it, and just two days later there was a noticeable improvement. And after two weeks our septic system was operating perfectly, no more scheduling showers, no more just one load of laundry per day, no more saving up before flushing the toilet. Without reservation I strongly recommend the Septic Genie.

Jason, Long Island, NY


So if you want to put Septic Genie to work for you, I’m happy to get you started, but before I do let me show you how the cost of a Septic Genie is only a fraction of what you can expect to pay in maintaining your septic system over the next 20 years.

You Get Roughly 10 Times Your Money’s Worth When You Purchase
Septic Genie!

Do you have any idea of what your current septic system might cost you over the next twenty years? I pick 20 years because this is the average life of a septic system according to the United States Environmental Protection Association (“USEPA)”).

USEPA recommends that you pump your septic tank once every three years in order to make sure that it is operating properly. Too much “build-up” of sludge in your septic tank and it doesn’t work properly and causes premature failure of your drain field.

If you follow USEPA recommendations this means that you should pump your septic tank 6/7 times during its 20 year life. The average cost to pump a septic tank is $250.00. Therefore over 20 years you will probably spend $1,500.00 just in pumping costs.

Unless your drain field is brand new, it is likely to need replacing at least once during 20 years. In reality it’s likely to need replacement or a major overhaul twice because in many areas of the country, particularly those with poor soils, drain fields last about 10 years before they become saturated and fail.

The average cost to replace a drain field is $5,500.00…this includes labor, materials, engineering fees and permits etc.

From the telephone calls I get this is on the low side…here are some examples of drain field replacement costs:

  • Paul from California…$7,000
  • Sydney from Massachusetts…$40,000 to 50,000
  • Claudia from South Florida…$6,000
  • Rick from Virginia…$8,000 to $10,000 for a repair; $30,000 for a new system
  • Terry from North Dakota…$20,000 to $30,000
  • Randall from Delaware…$8,000
  • Larry from Illinois…$13,000

My friend, these are their numbers not mine.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:


“It Worked for Me!”

My family of 7 has lived in our country sub home since it was built 14 years ago. I had the septic tanks pumped every 3 years for we are on clay land. 2 years ago our system failed. It happened the weekend before our son’s graduation party. Needless to say it was rather embarrassing, not to mention the health risk (It was like a scene out of the movie “Meet the Parents”) I found the Septic Genie sight as I search the Web for info on Septic fields. To be honest, it sounded too good to be true. I called Michael multiple times, peppering him with questions about his product. As I saw it, my options were: Put in a new field at $10,000 - $20,000 + damage to the front lawn and landscaping. Not to mention the problem would more than likely reoccur in 15 years due to the clay soil. or Try the Septic Genie. I installed the Genie in Feb '06, and by May '06 there was a noticeable difference in the yard. The dark green soggy grass areas had disappeared. The smell was gone. Now 1 year later, my yard still looks (and smells) great.

Scott, Ann Arbor, Michigan


This cost is likely to increase over the next 20 years. Why? Many state and county regulators are tightening their rules and regulations relating to septic systems. The USEPA has discovered that failed, or failing, septic systems are a major source of pollution and have failed to meet reasonable public health and environmental protection standards.

As a result of these findings, local septic codes are being tightened and more stringent practices are being enforced. This means more expensive systems will be required to meet new code requirements. This cost will be borne by homeowners who have to upgrade to a new expensive system when their old one fails.

But let’s get back to what you can expect to spend…

Incidental expenses? You know what I’m talking about. Having your “clean outs” snaked by a Rooter company; jetting the lines in the drain field to remove blockages and mending any broken pipes.

Just like maintaining your car the “little” expenses begin to add up to a lot of money. On average these “little” items will cost you $400.00 every two years. That’s another $4,000.00 over 20 years.

Now add up all these expenses over 20 years and you will spend a staggering $14,500.00. Mounts up doesn’t it?

Most people never look at it like this…they’re hoping it won’t happen but these little “surprise”  bills do happen and they are a major source of pain to a lot of people…particularly those on a fixed budget.

Besides these cash expenses, what would it be worth to you to be able to enjoy using your backyard with no septic “issues”? No dead grass. No septic smells. Not having to be careful when you do the laundry. Not worried about too many people taking showers or using the bathrooms. No embarrassment when friends come over in case there is a septic problem?

How much would it be worth to you to put all these septic headaches behind you?       

With Septic Genie you can put these headaches behind you AND keep money in your pocket!

Septic Genie costs only $1,295.00. This is only a fraction of the cost you’re going to spend over the next 20 years with your existing system AND if you take care of your Septic Genie your septic system will last indefinitely…GUARANTEED!

Talking of guarantee, I’d like to make one thing clear.

The Septic Genie Money Back Gaurantee

Septic Genie comes with a 6 month Money-Back Guarantee…if for some reason it doesn’t fix your problem, let us know and we give you a full refund…that’s how much confidence we have in our product.

Septic Genie also comes with a Lifetime Warranty…your Genie is carefully hand-made in the US using only high quality parts…in other words it’s going  to get the job done and stand the test of time so you don’t have to think about replacing it.

I hope you can see by now that installing a Septic Genie is a far simpler and better way of dealing with your septic problems than replacing your drain field…a messy, costly and disruptive process.


“This Is An Excellent Product”

I was getting water coming to the surface, strong smell - as soon as I installed the Genie the problem was solved exactly as the material on the website had stated.I have not had a problem for over 2 years now.  This is an excellent product.

Bob Muchmore, Dexter, MI


Here’s what you get when you order your Genie:

  • The Septic Genie itself; air pump, and our special blend of bacteria
  • An Installation Manual that includes step-by-step instructions together with photographs showing you exactly how to install your Genie…remember, you can install it yourself or with the help of a handyman
  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Operating and Maintaining A Septic Genie
  • Septic Genie Lifetime Warranty Certificate
  • Septic Genie Performance Guarantee, and
  • The air pump Warranty and Registration card

Now, this is what I’d like you to do next.

Immediately below is a  “Buy Now” button. Click on this button and you’ll immediately be taken to our secure order page where you can purchase your Septic Genie. Once we receive your order we’ll have your Genie shipped out to you, usually within 24-48 hours.

If on the other hand you’re not ready to buy, you probably have some questions you’d like answered. If this is the case, type your question(s) in the box on the top right hand side of this page, enter your name and email address and we’ll have one of our septic experts get back to you with an answer.

That’s it for me…thanks for reading this letter and remember, once you install Septic Genie, you’ll have a trouble-free septic for life.


Michael Grubb

Founder, Septic Genie

P.S. Remember, Septic Genie costs a fraction of what it would cost to replace your drain field, let alone the hassle involved, and will make septic problems a thing of the past. This is one investment you’ll want to make to protect your biggest asset…your home.


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